Hypochlorous acid spray, Hypochlorous acid, Disinfectant, Sanitizer, HOCL, Coronavirus prevention


BHK's Hypochlorous Acid Spray (100ml/bottle) x 4 bottles

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Product details

product details


BHK's Hypochlorous Acid Spray
Kills 99.99% germs, Natural germ killer and bacteriostatic
100ppm concentration, professional medical care level
* NO artificial essence and triclosan added, safe for children and pregnant women
Convenient and safe, spray and wipe

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Hypochlorous acid(100ppm), Aqua, Glycerin.

Spray directly.

BHK's Hypochlorous Acid Spray is non-toxic, does not leave residue on environmental surfaces.
HOCL is non-toxic, no-fuming, non-synthetic, and safe for human and environment.
BHKs Hypochlorous Acid Spray gently disinfect toys, surroundings and phone.
BHK Hypochlorous Acid Spray cuts through 99.99% of bacteria and 80 times higher disinfecting effectiveness than that of bleach.
BHK Hypochlorous Acid Spray removes 99.99% harmful substances, like pneumococcus.
BHKs Hypochlorous Acid causes no harm, neither tissue damage nor skin irritation.
BHK Hypochlorous Acid is safe for household and family use.

BHKs Hypochlorous Acid is a strong oxidizing agent, please avoid the use in metal.food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured.

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