UNIQMAN–Damiana (60 capsules/bottle) X 2

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Product details

product details

Introduction of Damiana Capsules
The Happiness Catalyst from South & Central America

Patented raw material, 100% natural herbal 
Damiana, also known as Turner's leaves, grew up in Central and South America and Mexico. It was used by locals to nourish and strengthen the body and strengthen the sexuality centuries ago. 

Multiple nutrients in one, Strive with full vitality 
including saponins, are widely used to nourish the vitality and not to be afraid of environmental changes.
Chelated zinc: helps maintain normal energy metabolism and maintain growth and reproductive function.
L-Arginine: a precious amino acid supplement, is an important raw material for nitric oxide. It can promote metabolism and enhance physical strength.


Product UNIQMAN Damiana Capsules
Main Ingredients
(Per serving)
Plantagra®Damiana Extract (leaf), L-Arginine, HPMC, Panax Ginseng Extract (Root), Zinc (as Amino Acid Chelate), Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Carrageenan, Titanium Dioxide, Potassium Chloride
Size 60 capsules
Directions Take 1 capsule daily after dinner. For better result, take 2 capsules at once
Retention Period 3 years
Expiry Date Printed on packaging (Year/Month/Day)
Origin Taiwan
Preservation Methods Once open, please close tightly after use. Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and moist environment.
Caution NOT suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. People with cardiovascular disease should ask their doctors if this is applicable to them.

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