UNIQMAN Hovenia Capsules (60 capsules/bottle)

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Product details

product details


Introduction of Hovenia
Say bye to hangover!

Hovenia Capsules is highly effective in dissolving alcohol and facilitating the detoxification of the liver. It was also found through studies that in particular, it contributes to the inhibition of the remaining of aldehyde that is known to cause hangover.

Exclusive formula:
✔Hovenia | Dispel the hangover         ✔Vitamin K| Protect liver     ✔Vitamin B Complex| Help metabolism

✔Taurine| Energy booster    ✔Pineapple enzyme| Help digesting

Ready for challenge!
1.Ease a hangover     2.Recovers liver function
3.Reduces fatigue     4.Help produce saliva and slake thirst

UNIQMAN Hovenia can facilitate the detoxification of the liver
UNIQMAN Hovenia ease a hangover
UNIQMAN Hovenia dispel the hangover
UNIQMAN Hovenia helps to recover liver function
UNIQMAN Hovenia reduces fatigue and promotes liver health
UNIQMAN Hovenia helps digesting

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