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BHK's Kids Probiotic Powder EX with Colostrum (Orange Flavor) (2g/stick pack; 30 stick packs/packet) x 2 packets

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BHK's Kids Probiotic Powder with Colostrum


American bovine colostrum IgG:

   - Rich in Ig, PRPs and various growth essential nutrients to maintain health

Patented egg yolk IgY:

   - Strictly controlled manufacturing process, supported by multiple literatures,maintains the health of the digestive tract

6in1 functional probiotics by professional R&D team from Netherlands:

  - Helps to adjust the physique and defeat allergies

* Protects children's health against external factors

Main Ingredients (Per serving)

Colostrum (bovine)(30% IgG) 350mg,

Egg Yolk Powder (Egg Yolk IgY) 250mg


Take 1 stick pack once or twice a day. Can be consumed directly or mixed with

cold beverages and milk.

BHK's Probiotic is designed for kids to help support a healthy digestive system.
BHKs Probiotic helps baby gain a stronger immune system and prevent infections as they are exposed to much more illness and infection.
Bovine colostrum contains IgG and IgY that may strengthen your immune system and help your body fight disease-causing agents.
BHK Probiotic contains up to 30% IgG to give your baby a healthy start with a favorable balance of gut bacteria.
BHK's Probiotic helps your child’s digestive tract to work better and supports a healthy immune system.
BHK's Probiotic can help support kid's digestive and immune system and maintain healthy.
With BHK's probiotic, you can help repopulate your baby’s gut, promote full nutrient absorption and reactivate their natural defenses.
BHK's Probiotic is safe, no side effects and made of natural ingredients.

food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured.

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