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Payment options

Cash On Delivery (COD)

With this service, you can pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receipt of your order.

* For Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu, and overseas customers, we currently just provide the delivery to a post office of your choice and cash on delivery facility after receiving your shipment in the post office.


Credit Card

We use the PayNow system, accept VISA, Mastercard, JCB and etc.

* We currently do not provide service of installment payment, sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.


ATM transfer

All your information is protected by WebATM Virtual account payment. You could process your payment in accordance with your preferred bank ATM. We provide you with the most diverse choice.

* If the ATM transfer is not completed within 7 working days after the order, we would have the right to cancel your order.


Anti-Fraud Reminder

We would like to remind you that we will never call you requesting your credit card information or asking you to verify a transaction.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, please contact us 02-25458140 or Anti-Fraud Hotline 165.

Shipping & delivery

Shipping Time

After confirming the order, your shipment would be delivered within 3 working days to your shipping address. (Delivery will be delayed in case of public holidays, typhoons, earthquakes or other natural disasters)


T-Cat Delivery

Currently, the main delivery service in Taiwan is T-cat delivery; 

If you are in overseas regions or foreign countries, your shipment would be delivered with international parcel delivery services.

* Free shipping is available for Taiwan only.


Chain Store Pickup

* We currently do not provide this service, sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

Order tracking

View Orders

Once your order has been processed, we will send a confirmation email and a SMS to you.

You could also check your order status by clicking「View Orders」on the BHK’s official website .


Order Changes

We currently do not provide this service. If you have any requirements or requests, please contact our Customer Service 0800-22-0800.


* Services hours: Monday-Friday 09:00~12:00;13:30~18:00

Sales & refunds

Returns & Exchanges


✔ Returns/ Exchange Rules and Restrictions

At BHK’s, we create products that help you perform better and feel better.

If you receive any product under the following conditions:

1. Defective products

2. Incorrect products

3. Allergic reaction caused by other conditions

Please make sure you contact our customer service team within 30 days from the day you have received the order from us. We will assist you to arrange an exchange or return as soon as possible.


✔ How to apply for a return or an exchange?

If you would like to exchange or return your shipment, please contact our Customer Service, let us understand your demand and your item status. If an exchange or a return has already been confirmed, the T-cat delivery agent will help to send your return shipment to BHK’s. Any products must be returned to us in good condition and in the original packaging. We’ll be responsible for the return shipping fees.



If you have any questions regarding our refunds, please contact our Customer Service and provide your full refunds information, we will arrange a refund within 7-14 days after receiving your return shipment, and we will notify you to confirm your refund amount at the same time. 


✔ Returns & Exchanges Policy

We do not accept returns or exchanges services under the following conditions: 

1. More than 30 days from the purchase date.

2. The products have been opened and used.


* We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.



* Customer Service: 0800-22-0800

   Services hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00~12:00;13:30~18:00


rules for reward points




(1) 需透過LINE、FB帳號首次登錄會員後,即可獲得現金積點。

(2) 會員享現金積點,需用同樣帳號登錄,不同帳號無法合併。 



(1) 會員首次註冊成功,享30點現金積點,1點1元,可立即使用。


(2) 會員生日享積點100點,於生日當月1日系統自動發放。


(3) 全館活動之現金積點活動需依公告為主,若已有其他活動則不再另外發送現金積點。




(1) 會員需登錄後方可使用現金積點。(※注意:不同會員帳號無法合併。)

(2) 會員退貨、取消訂單,現金積點將於手續完成後扣回帳號中。

(3) 現金積點無法兌換實質現金。



請至會員專區,點選現金積點頁面,即可了解目前的現金積點點數與到期日,請隨時注意自己的權益喔 ~

加入會員 → 獲得 30

會員生日 → 獲得 100

※ 單筆訂單可使用現金積點為總金額的30%為上限!




官網會員生日獲得購物金$100 (現金積點期限為30天)

您只需完整填寫會員資料,包括手機號碼、生日資訊, 成為BHK's無瑕机力的會員,即可在生日當月1號獲得購物金$100。

注意:一旦您填寫生日資訊後便無法更改 ,請務必填寫正確資訊。




(!) 您沒有提供正確的生日資訊:




(!) 生日禮E-mail通知信跑到您的垃圾信件匣



(!) 您提供的E-mail可能有誤





BHK's 感謝您





To our valued users: 
We want you to know that we take an active interest in safeguarding your personal information. To help you understand how our website collects, receives, and safeguards your personal information, please carefully read the contents of BHK’s Website Privacy and Security Policy. This policy will allow you to understand the principles and guidelines regarding how we collect, receive, and safeguard the personal information of users who access the services provided by BHK’s website and its affiliated websites.

Scope of Policy (About data collecting and purposes is the app is using that data)
The Website Privacy and Security Policy applies to the collection, reception, and safeguarding of your personal information while accessing services provided by BHK’s website and its affiliated New Immigrants Area, Taipei City website policy shall prevail whenever there is any discrepancy between our website policy and all other affiliated website policies. However, this policy does not apply to websites linked through search results or links on BHK’s websites. The privacy policies of these individual sites regarding the collection, reception, and safeguarding of your personal information are not the responsibility of websites.  

  How to remove your user data?
If you need to delete your user data information, please contact our customer service staff via Email or Messenger, and we will contact you immediately.

Personal Information and Other Data Collection 
We collect the personal information of users through the following applications: 
● Online Activities and Surveys 
When you take part in a website activity or fill out a survey on our website, the form may request you to provide information such as name, ID number, phone number, email or mailing address …etc. Participation in some of the activities may require an active CyberCitizen account. It is also possible that you may take part in contests, raffles, or promotional activities on other websites, after accessing them through links on BHK’s website. In these situations, the privacy policy of BHK’s website does not apply to the personal information provided by you to these websites, and we are not responsible for personal information you provide to these websites. 
● Subscription to Newsletters 
When you wish to obtain New Immigrants Area, Taipei City website information updates via email, you must correctly enter your email address, and other information to subscribe to these services. Based on operational needs, we will preserve the information you have entered and provide the options of unsubscribing or making changes to the services. 
● Browsing the Websites 
BHK’s website maintains a record of the log created by the servers when users browse the websites or conduct searches. Information on this log includes user IP, browsing profile, and content tracking. BHK’s website will track individual user information to acquire data on overall user activity within New Immigrants Area, Taipei City websites. Unless users voluntarily provide personal information, New Immigrants Area, Taipei City websites cannot and will not use the records obtained through aggregated non-personal information to analyze the behavior of individual users. 
● Others 
In addition to the personal information entered by users to log onto BHK’s website, it is also possible that users provide their personal information (such as emails and names) in public forums such as discussion and bulletin boards. Personal information provided in this manner is not covered by the privacy protection policy of BHK’s website. Furthermore, we will retain records of all communications from users who email or communicate through other channels. 


Use of Cookies 
To provide individualized services, BHK’s website employ cookies to store settings and/or for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are short pieces of information that the website transfers to the user's hard drive. Users may determine the degree of cookie acceptance by modifying their browser settings. Users can decide whether to accept, be notified of, or refuse cookies. If you select to refuse cookies, there is a chance that you may not be able to access certain features of the website or to participate in certain activities. In general, the following is a list of situations where we attach or read cookies from the user's browser: 
● To provide better and more personalized services: 
Cookies allow for personalized interaction between the website and the user by facilitating the process of logging in and out of the website, as well as making customary adjustments. 
● To collect demographic and profile data for analysis: 
The date collected will be used for measuring website access for the purpose of improving the services we provide. 
● To keep track of the number of accesses and participations in promotional activities: 
In the process of distributing newsletters or organizing promotional activities, there are cases when cookies will be placed to keep track of the degree of user participation and other relevant data. 

Use of Personal Data 
BHK’s website does not sell, rent, or otherwise exchange any of your personal information with other organizations or individuals. Only in the listed situations below will BHK’s website provide your personal information to third parties under the policy guidelines: 
● Online activities and surveys 
The respondent's name and ID number will only be used as basic information in prize-drawing activities at BHK’s website. The phone number and email address provided will be used to notify the participant of results; this data will not be used for any other purposes. Other information provided by users will be limited to service analysis. With the exception of specific consent from users, all mentioned data acquired by BHK’s website will be used solely for the purpose of data analysis of web traffic. 
● Statistics and Analysis 
BHK’s website will, from time to time, commission internal departments or academic institutions to conduct research on issues including the number of users, areas of interest, and behavior based on registration, survey response, promotional activities, and server login entry. All public information and analysis reports target general behavior of overall users, and will not attempt to analyze the behavior of individual users. 

Information Sharing and Disclosure 
BHK’s website does not sell, exchange, or rent your personal information with other organizations or individuals. Only under the following circumstances and guidelines will we share your personal information with third parties: 
● To provide you with additional services or benefits: 
In circumstances where sharing your personal information with third parties is necessary to provide additional services or benefits, BHK’s website will provide detailed explanations during the activity, and will notify you before collecting any information. You may choose whether to accept or not the additional services or benefits. 
● To enhance, evaluate, or research service quality: 
To provide accurate and quality service to users, BHK’s website will follow the privacy policy when comparing user data with data provided by third parties. Furthermore, to introduce our services and other legal capabilities to potential partners, advertising agencies, or other third parties, BHK’s website has the right to disclose anonymous statistical data of individual users. 
● Others: 
BHK’s website has the responsibility to safeguard the privacy and personal information of its users. We will not edit, delete, or provide your personal information and data without your prior consent, with the exception of the following situations: 
● Information requested by judicial authorities of the ROC government granted through legal processes 
● Creating valid threats in violation of website regulations 
● In the interest of extending government website services 
● Safeguarding the legal rights of other users 


Network and Information Security Policy 
As the safety of data transfer through the Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed, BHK’s website nonetheless, strives to keep user information safe. There are situations where SSL technology is employed to safeguard data transmissions. As the safety of data transfer is also determined by the security of the Internet environment of the end user, we cannot guarantee that all data transmissions between BHK’s website and the end user are ever completely secure. Users should know this and bear the risk of data transfer via the Internet. 
Users who disclose their personal information, such as email address and name via public forums of the website should realize that data disclosed in this manner can be collected and used by others. You are not required to reveal your personal information in these forums if you do not wish to expose yourself to such risks. If you disclose your personal information in public forums where information could be accessed by others, there is a chance that you will receive advertisements or spams from other organizations. Please realize that these consequences are not within the control of BHK’s website, and we will not bear any responsibility for it. 
Amending Privacy and Information Security Policy 
BHK’s website will amend and update these policies from time to time to adhere to the latest privacy safe-guard measures. Announcements will be posted on the website to notify users of major changes to the guidelines and how we utilize personal information. 


Inquiries Regarding Privacy and Security Policy 
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or how we collect, use, or update personal information, please contact us during regular work hours at BHK’s website. You may also contact us through email.