BHK's Amino Acid Chelated Iron Tablets (30 tablets/bag) x 6 bags

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product details


BHK's Amino Acid Chelated Iron Tablets Introduction

30 Seconds Immediate-Release formulation provides direct nutrition and healthy glowing skin.

Research shows that Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO)
2 billion people – over 30% of the world’s population – are anemic, many suffering from iron deficiency anemia.
Some of the most common causes of iron deficiency anemia are such as, poor diet or monthly periods.

Ferrochel®, a patented chelated iron, is a form of iron like heme iron, which is not affected by dietary factors that can interfere in iron absorption.
Published studies found Ferrochel® to have an apparent absorption rate of 70-75%, around 3.7 times to 9 times then the other iron tablets from commonly prescribed ferrous sulfate.

Advanced Ferrochel® with high absorption rate which helps increase and maintain healthy level of iron in blood.
And certainly boost energy level 
and get glowing skin from the inside out.

BHK's ferrochel helps women get beauty and rosy pink skin tone
Those who have an iron deficiency are the target audience of BHK's ferrochel
BHK's iron was made by ferrochel, folic acid, B12 and vitamin C
BHK's ferrochel immediate release foumulation in just 30 seconds
Take BHK's ferrochel 1 tablet per day , make you have good complexionBHK's ferrochel is safety inspection, No side effects, natural ingredients.

food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

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