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BHK's Mama Confinement Care Capsules (60 capsules/packet) x 2 packets

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Product details

Pregnant mommy nutrition care

BHK's Mama Confinement Care Capsules (60 capsules/packet)


 For after-giving-birth care, regaining energy and regenerating red blood cells
 Integrated Chinese and Western compound formula
 Low calories and convenient to take
 French patented collagen, B12, folic acid and iron to fulfill nutrition needs
 Red dates and goji berry for better chi and complexion


Take 1 capsule daily twice or three times after a meal. Do NOT take more than 3 capsules per day. Recommended to take after giving birth.


Consume BHK's MaMa confinement after giving birth for maximum body regulation, enhance wound healing and body recovery
Recommended by nutritionists to consume blood nourishing ingredients like red dates and goji berry, ingredients found in BHK's Confinement Care supplement
Effective way to enhance body strength after giving birth, no need to cook tonic soup or eat bad smelling food
BHK MaMa Confinement care contains digestive enzyme, high quality protein, iron, to regulate blood, restore uterus
Specially formulated for postpartum women, with very low calories, highly concentrated nutrients, very convenient for body recovery after childbirth
Confinement care for 60 days, get back to a healthy and fit body shape, nourished body organs.
BHK's confinement care is suitable for women experiencing miscarriage and those with busy schedule after giving birth
Recommended to start consuming right after giving birth and continue for 60 days for maximum result
BHK's confinement is safe, no side effects, made of natural ingredients, for health and for beauty nourishment
Pregnant mommy nutrition care
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

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