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BHK's Patented Vitex Chaste Berry Extract Veg Capsules (60 capsules/packet) x 2 packets

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BHK's Patented Vitex Chaste Berry Extract Veg


*Vitex has been traditionally used to regulate menstrual cycle

*To treat premenstrual syndromes (PMS) including constipation, irritability,

  cramps, breast pain and sensitivity

*Relieve symptoms of menopause

*Solve infertility issues

*Overcome reproductive system problems


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Chaste Berry Extract 25mg



Take 1 capsule daily after meal. For better result, take 2 capsules at once. Do NOT take more than 2 capsules per day.


BHK's vitex chasteberry restore balance in a woman's cycle
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has a wide variety of signs and symptoms, including mood swings, tender breasts, and depression
BHK's vitex  is the fruit of the chaste tree help balance a women's monthly cycle.
BHK's chasteberry use patented vitex,improve conditions affecting a woman’s reproductive system.
BHK vitex  has three features ,it's good for women healthBHK vitex chasteberry's health benefits are mostly related to reproduction and, in women, to menstrual health.
BHK chasteberry makes women healthy , cranberry maintains feminine health, evening primrose comfort your menstrual period
BHK's vitex chasteberry is suggest vegetarian to eat.
BHK's vitex chasteberry is safety inspection. No side effects, natural ingredients.
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

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