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BHK's Soy Isoflavones+Red Clover Veg Capsules (60 capsules/bottle)

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Product details

product details


Soy Isoflavones+Red Clover Veg Capsules Introduction

Deglycosylated isoflavones, easily absorbed,  Quality Assurance, high safety standard.

Soy isoflavones has become very popular in Western countries in recent years.
Many medical research journals revealed that isoflavones exert effects on a variety of women health outcomes, including maintain beauty, optimizing body performance, help to get good night’s sleep, and maintaining energetic vitality.
BHK’s Soy Isoflavones with high absorption rate which helps increase and maintain healthy level of isoflavones.
And certainly boost energy level & get glowing skin from the inside out.

BHK's soy isoflavones are remedy for menopause for women
Dull skin, bad sleep quality, insomnia, hot flash are the common menopausal symptoms
BHK soy isoflavones with red colver can improve bone health, reduce mood swings, and maintain youthfulness
Deglycosylated form of isoflavones for best absorption and prevent damage from gastric acid
Highly recommended for women, to regulate the hormone and improve sleep quality

  BHK Isoflavones with regular exercise and balanced diet can reduce menopausal discomforts

  BHK soy isoflavones extract is high quality, safe, passed SGS inspection, and qualified by pharmacists food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

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