BHK's GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask (5 sheets/box)

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Product details

product details


GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask---Introduction

High antioxidant GSH x Whitening Tranexamic Acid x Natural ALPAFLOR®BUDDLEJA AO


BHK’s GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask is a whitening mask that will help brighten uneven skin tones. It could also reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, restoring skin elasticity and maintaining firmness.

BHK's mask makes you get rid of dark spots on face
BHK's mask are compose by tranexamic acid, glutathione and natural ALPAFLOR BUDDLEJA
  Miracle of glutathione extravagant light whitening mask
  Those who use that felt satisfied with BHK's mask
To indicate user's problem of BHK's brightening mask
  BHK's mask intensive brightening your skin from inside
Show the use step of BHK's brightening mask


Product BHK’s─GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask
Main Ingedients
(per tablet)
Capacity 26 ml/pieces
Retention period 3 years
Expiration Date Printed on the packaging(Year/Month/Day)
Place of Origin Taiwan
Preservation Methods Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and moist environment.

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